Henderson Nevada high school needs our help – Lapidary Club

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I am the advisor for a high school lapidary club in Henderson,
Nevada. We receive no money from the school or school district. I am
in need of anybody that might have some old slabs, rough, or whatever


Las Vegas, Tuscon mineral sites you can recommend to reader, anyone?

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Hello Gary
I found out about your blog in the Scarborough Gem Club’s newsletter. The question I was wanting to ask is in relation to travel. We are planning a trip to the Las Vegas area and possibly Tuscon for the shows. Are there any mineral (cutting rough) sites you or your “bloggers” would recommend?
Best of luck with your site. N. Newfield- email:

Vanadinite mineral of the day (orange for Halloween)

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Adamite mineral of the day (green for Halloween)

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Adamite is a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineral, Zn2AsO4OH. It is a mineral that typically occurs in the oxidized or weathered zone above zinc ore occurrences.


PGMC-CFMS 2007 Show hosted by the Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club

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Just a reminder that the forms for the PGMC-CFMS 2007 show are posted
on the Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club website: www.palmdalegems. org. The
show will be held at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds in Lancaster and
is hosted by Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club. Hope this clears up any
questions. Thanks.

Susan Martin
Show co-chair
PGMC-CFMS 2007 Show

Palmdale Rock ‘n Gem Roundup – Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club

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Palmdale Rock ‘n Gem Roundup
Rock’N Gem Roundup
sponsored by:
Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club



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The mineral beryl is a beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate with the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. The hexagonal crystals of beryl may be very small or range to several meters in size. Terminated crystals are relatively rare. Beryl exhibits conchoidal fracture, has a hardness of 7.5-8, a specific gravity of 2.63-2.80. It has a vitreous luster and can be transparent or translucent. Its cleavage is poor basal and its habit is dihexagonal bipyramidal. Pure beryl is colorless, but it is frequently tinted by impurities; possible colors are green, blue, yellow, red, and white. The name comes from the Greek beryllos for the precious blue-green color of sea water.



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Hi Gary!Well if you come down next year you can always hang out with us, we work together as a team and clean up.

Feel free to post it to the Rockhoundblog. I have your MySpace on the top of The-Vug account.

Take Care,

The operating company on Searles Dry Lake, Searles Valley Minerals, Inc. (SVMC), permits public mineral collecting at just one time each year: during the annual gem and mineral show of the Searles Lake Gem & Mineral Society. The show always begins on the second Saturday in October. This show date was chosen because it is the very best time of year to collect Searles Dry Lake minerals; the brine level is below the salt surface (necessary to collect Upper Salt minerals), the mud is dry and hard and can support the heavy equipment used to bring it to where it can be prospected for minerals, and the pink halite has formed well and not yet begun its annual winter dissolving. The weather is also cool enough to make collecting comfortable (Searles Valley can reach 118oF during a summer afternoon).

New Mexico Mineral Symposium- Nov 11th and 12th, Macey Center on the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro

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I want to remind everyone that the annual mineral symposium is quickly
approaching. Now is the time to send in your money for registration.
This year, it will be held on November 11th and 12th, same place,
Macey Center on the New Mexico Tech campus in Socorro.


Tecopa- Sperry Wash, trilobites, opal, Amethyst sites

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Hi everyone-we are planning to go out to Tecopa area for the
Thanksgiving week. We hope to hit Sperry Wash, the trilobites, opal,
and ? Except for the opal we have not been to any of the other sites
out there. I have heard about an Amethyst site also. Can anyone
give us any recommendations for places to go, or more directions for
any sites to help us find them. We have GPS. (more…)