City-sized fossilized forest found

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City-sized fossilized forest found

Courtesy University of Bristol

Re­search­ers have found a cit­y-sized fos­sil­ized for­est in an Il­li­nois coal mine, and they say it trans­forms our un­der­stand­ing of the Earth’s first rain­for­ests.

No­where else, sci­en­tists say, can one lit­er­al­ly walk through such a huge swath of rain­for­est from the Car­bon­if­er­ous era. That was a time 360 mil­lion to 290 mil­lion years ago when true rep­tiles ap­peared, gi­ant dra­gon­flies buzzed and vast swamps spread, which lat­er formed coal.

A huge earth­quake 300 mil­lion years ago caused the whole re­gion around this for­est to col­lapse be­low sea lev­el, ac­cord­ing to the sci­en­tists. Mud then bur­ied the ter­rain and pre­served it for­ev­er.

The for­est offers a bi­zarre med­ley of ex­tinct plants. They in­clude plen­ti­ful club mosses, or pri­mi­tive moss-like plants, more than 40 me­tres (131 feet) high. These tow­ered over mixes of tree ferns, shrubs and tree-sized horse­tails.


Kryptonite discovered in mine

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Kryptonite is no longer just the stuff of fiction feared by caped superheroes.


A new mineral matching its unique chemistry – as described in the film Superman Returns – has been identified in a mine in Serbia.

According to movie and comic-book storylines, kryptonite is supposed to sap Superman’s powers whenever he is exposed to its large green crystals.

The real mineral is white and harmless, says Dr Chris Stanley, a mineralogist at London’s Natural History Museum.


Searchers Gem and Mineral Society

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The Searchers Gem and Mineral Society will present its 48th annual show
next weekend May 5th and 6th at

The Brookhurst Community Center
2271 W Crescent Ave
Anaheim, CA

Hours are 10-5 Saturday and 10-4:30 Sunday

In addition to the Searchers’ famous silent auction there will be gold
panning, childrens activities, and demonstrations of wire wrapping,
silversmithing, cabechon making, faceting, chainweaving, and rock
carving. Searchers and others will display some of their treasures,
and more than a dozen dealers will have their wares available.

As usual the show is FREE

Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club

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the Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club is hosting this
years CFMS Tri-State Convention.

June 15-17 2007, Lancaster, CA
Palmdale Gem & Mineral Club
Antelope Valley Fairgrounds
Hwy. 14, exit Ave. H
Hours: 9-5 Daily

So far there are over thirty dealers signed up, and many fine
demonstrators. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Check our Website for the forms if you need them.


Kitchener-Waterloo Gem and Mineral Show

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On Saturday, May 5, 2007, our club will host the Kitchener-Waterloo Gem
and Mineral Show, Waterloo Community Arts Centre (aka “The Button
Factory”), 25 Regina St. S., Waterloo, Ontario, 10 AM – 4 PM.

The location is just 1 street away from King Street in downtown

Rocks, minerals, fossils, gems, meteorites, and more. Free stuff for
kids! Everyone welcome. Free admission!

While you’re there, shop the revitalized Waterloo downtown core, with
dozens of new stores, including a rock shop called “Weather” in
Waterloo Town Square, and Stonebridge Imports a couple of blocks away.
Get a coupon good for 20% off at “Weather”.

For more information about our club, visit .

Jeffrey Shallit

B.C. Open Gold Panning Championships 2007 Cherryville, B.C.

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Fun for the whole family, I will be there….
Experience a day or weekend in the country Activities for the entire family

Gold pan toss, Dirt Toss, “Gold Rush”, Claim Staking, Metal Detecting, and Bannock Baking. Bring a GPS and exchange items to hunt for the “Pin Exchange” or ” Everything Goes” Geo Caches.
Events open to all. Gold nugget prizes for all events.
Antique Equipment display, Prospecting, and Hiking trails.
Wear Klondike Period Costumes.
Visit the Cherryville Artisan’s Shop beside Frank’s General Store on the way. Café on Site or bring a picnic and enjoy the grounds.
Gold Panning Competitions for Children, Teens, Novice,
Intermediate and Experts

Schedule of Events 2007
Friday, May 18
Friday: 3:30 pm- Planting the Roses in the Clare Hewson Memorial Garden
9:30 pm (Approx) – Night metal detecting competition. No lights allowed.
Evening-Music- Mac & Faye McIlveen & Monashee Ramblers. Bring an Instrument and join in
Saturday, May 19
9:00 am – Metal Detecting Competition screwdriver like tool needed
9:00 am – 4:00 pm Games for all- Pan Toss, “Gold Rush”, Claim Staking, Dirt Toss,
10:00 am – 4:00 pm Mixed Elimination Rounds for BC Open Gold Panning Competition
1:00 pm Grudge Match for Experts
4:45 pm – Panning Consolation Round
5:30 pm – Steak Barbecue “Big Steve’s Catering” of Lumby
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Bannock Baking Competition
Evening Music-Mac & Faye McIlveen and the Monashee Ramblers with Guest Apperances
Join Mac and Faye with your instruments , singing voices and skits
Sunday, May 20
9:00 am – Metal Detecting Competition,
9:00 am – 2:30 pm Games for all-Pan Toss, “Gold Rush”, Claim Staking, Dirt Toss
10:00 am – 2:00 pm – B.C. Open Gold Panning finals
2:30 pm – B.C. Open Championships – top 3 panners from all adult categories
3:30 pm – Presentation of GOLD NUGGET Trophies.
4:00 pm – Raffle Draw prizes- 11 gram Yukon gold nugget- $600; Okanagan Opal Pendant- $140,
Klondike Commemorative Coin-$100, Turner Garden Bird-$50, Miner Dressed Bear & Gold-$45

Pebble terrace and Opal Hill Mine and Black Hills Thunder Egg Mine – story and 6 SIX videos!

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Thanks Dick for the trip report, pictures and video to the mines! Dick mixes off-roading with rockhounding- Pretty good combo :)   AT the bottom of post is 6 videos, check them out!


Rock Hound Run Report 4-13-07 to 4-17-07

We had another great trip, found lots of rocks, a few geodes and two big geodes. There were 7 rigs

Loren and his 2 sons and his father-in-law Mac, Jeep Unlimited.

Rainer and Marianne, F250

Paul and Elise, Rubicon Unlimited

Cara and Bob, Jeep

Jason in Gary’s Jeep

Morris, Pinzgauer

Ronnie and I, Jeep

On Friday it was Rainer and Marianne, Ronnie and I and Loren we hunted for orange agate and chalcedony on the Bajadas just east of camp. Loren went up to the Opal Hill mine and saw a movie crew there shooting a documentary for the discovery channel. Friday night Paul came in and also Morris. Later in the night Cara and Bob and Jason got there. Saturday we headed for Carlson View after some wrong turns we finally found it, what a great view of the desert to the south, one of Loren’s sons found a geode the size of a football with a large clump of druse crystals in the center, about the size of a baseball, right next to the trail. We also stopped at the southern end of the Hauser geode Beds and then took a trail a guy said that was impassable back to the main trail and then back to camp. Later that day early evening before dark Gary and his wife and son arrived. After dinner we all (the Jeeps) went out for a night run and had a blast.

Sunday morning Rainer and Marianne headed for home. Morris also headed for home, before we got up. The rest of us headed down the Bradshaw Trail stopped at the Roosevelt Mine and looked around then on to Pala Verde and Kinney’s Rock Shop. From there we took the east trail to Pebble terrace and picked up some agate and Jasper and then on to Opal Hill Mine, everyone had fun checking out the mine and looking for some Fire Opal. After getting back to camp Cara and Bob, Jason and Wife, Gary and Wife headed for home. Loren and Group headed for home as well.


Update on Jalama Beach field trip-Conejo Gem & Mineral Club

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Gary if you would update your blog with this
thanks, Robert

Update on Jalama Beach field trip-Weather-Rain.

Hi,  i’ve been checking the weather for this weekend. April
20, 21, 22  Fri-Sun, and it doesn’t look good.
It’s supposed to rain:
Thursday to Friday morning, afternoon 70% showers
Saturday is supposed to be mostly sunny, with a high of 63 degrees
Sunday rain again, showers


Field Trip- Ocean View Mine, Pala Gem Mining District, CA

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DIGFORGEMS.COM - your link to
The Oceanview Mine – The Last REAL Operating Gem Mine
In the World Renowned Pala Gem Mining District

Chief Mountain, Pala, San Diego County, California
Your one stop source for tours, specimens, jewelry, cutting rough, faceted stones

Thanks Teresa for letting me post this excellent article!

This morning, bright and early, I joined internet faceter friend
Robert Winfield and his daughter Allie for a day at the Ocean View Mine.

We drove up Highway 76, from Oceanside, Ca. into the Pala Indian
area, and up the hill from Magee Road. Check in was smooth, and a
mandatory data sheet was completed before we drove onto mine
property. Once there, parking was very easy, and close to where we

There was ample and pleasant assistance directing us to a screening
spot after parking. Each individual was assigned a work space which
included a pair of screens, both 1/2 and 1/4 inch, a bucket, and a
small garden hand tool to move dirt and rocks. Between every two
stations was a bucket of clean water, (for now) within which to rinse
off screened material. This was quite adequate, and very efficient.


rock show – Idaho State School in Gooding, near Magic Valley and Idaho Falls

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We are holding a rock show at the recreation gym on the Idaho State School
for the Deaf and Blind Campus in Gooding, Idaho on Saturday and Sunday,
April 14 and 15. Admission is free and we will have demonstrators,
dealers, displays, silent auction, refreshments etc.

If you happen to be in the area or are traveling through Magic Valley
either to or from the show in Idaho Falls swing through Gooding and have a
look see. You will not be disappointed. I promise.