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This seems like a dream job :)

Recruiting a QUALIFIED Crystal Digger to work full-time with us at our mines in the Patagonia Mountains of ARIZONA.

Thank You, Gary, As in the traditions of Ed Over, Art Montgomery, John Oliver, etc. We are seeking dedicated artisan miners with experience in digging and patiently extracting (among other minerals): quartz, gem specie, and micro rarities, etc. Self-starters, independent ambitious hard-working, with realistic awareness of the mineral trade, willingness to spend time afield as well as doing specimen processing and sales, attending trade shows, etc. along with Full-Time mining with Timeless Mining Company working favorably decomposed deposits primarily by hand-tools. Equipment experience a plus, but not required; miners with tools, vehicle, camping gear, ability to be self-supporting, wanted. Whiners and those with ‘gold psychosis’ need not apply. Miners may benefit directly and receive the Finder’s Fee or nominate a recipient or club to recieve the reward specimens. Disabled Veterans are welcome. After attending gem shows like Tucson [one hour from our mines] many adventurous prospectors & mineral collectors wish for such opportunity with one of the well known domestic gem & specimen mines displaying at the show, or in this case, a NEW MINE going into production. Our big discovery simply means another new mining crew & many collectors will be part of mineralogical history in our small part of The New American Gem & Gold Rush.

We are asking the ‘grapevine’ to pass the word: for recruiting a QUALIFIED Crystal Digger to work full-time with us at our mines in the Patagonia Mountains of ARIZONA. Our MINING CAMP is open for reservations, large club groups are welcome; We need at least FOUR MINERS, two ATV’s and several mineral dealers to market our production. We offer Joint Venture Agreements. IF YOU SEND ME A MINER who works out, you get the Finder’s Fee, and the miners get a LIFETIME OF FULL-TIME WORK and shares. Call Frank @ 520-255-3830, or David, @ 520-604-1229 Timeless Mining Company 542 Harshaw Road, Patagonia, AZ 85624

They have asked when you call to tell them Gary at RockHoundBlog told you about this dream job/ opportunity.

Thanks, Gary-