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The Culver City Rock and Mineral Club invites you to join them at their next monthly meeting and presentation “Bryan Swoboda, Blue Cap Productions”.

Bryan Swoboda, president of Blue Cap Productions, will be our speaker. Bryan literally grew up with mining in California and remembers “running in the pitch-black tunnels of the Queen Mine” which belonged to his father, Edward Swoboda. Bryan produces mineral-related films like “What’s Hot in Tuscon 2011″ and was recently in Munich filming. His new series of films “The New Crystal Hunters” shows kids how exciting and rewarding mineral collecting can be. The series currently has three episodes: Pala, CA; Arkansas for Crater of Diamonds and quartz; and Smoky Hawk, Colorado for smoky quartz and amazonite.

Culver City Rock and Mineral Club
Multi Purpose Room in the back of the Veterans Memorial Building
4117 Overland Avenue at the Corner of Culver Boulevard.
General Meetings are free and open to non-members
November 14, 2011 7:30pm – 9:30pm

For more information visit the Club’s website at

Please check out this great cause.  They are giving away dvd’s to kids who are interested!

With this new DVD we’re hoping to show other kids how exciting and rewarding mineral collecting can be. Our goal is to put a FREE copy of this DVD into the hands of every kid who wants one but we need your help. Please consider helping out by making a generous donation of DVDs to help our next generation.

Free rockhound DVD's

Geology DVD's

The New Crystal Hunters was created out of an idea Bryan Swoboda, President of BlueCap Productions, had to create a kid-centric video program that would get kids excited about mineral collecting.

“Everyone I talk to seems to say the same thing. That this hobby desperately needs an infusion of new blood – the next generation – to keep it going.” says Bryan.

“I was incredibly fortunate when I was a kid because I got to grow up with one of the grand-daddies of the hobby – my father Edward Swoboda. I remember running through the pitch-black tunnels of the Queen Mine when I was a child with nothing more than a candle and the certainty that I was about to find Tom Sawyer’s treasure. That sense of adventure, searching and discovery is one of the things that makes this hobby so great. We can’t let that slip away. Sit in a room with a bunch of passionate collectors and just listen to the stories they share. It’s better than any adventure show on television especially because you know it’s real!”

“The more I got involved in putting together mineral-related films, the more I kept hearing about the lack of new kids in this hobby. I’ve spent a lot of time working with kids and putting together special programs for them so I figured that maybe there was something I could do. That’s when I decided that if BlueCap Productions is going to be working in this hobby, it needs to do its part in helping to fix this problem.”

Prior to starting BlueCap Productions, Bryan started and ran a non-profit organization that helped kids fighting cancer. This organization put together, financed and filmed international, nature-based, adventure trips that would be taken by young cancer survivors. These young survivors would use the film to reach out to kids currently facing cancer, share their stories of survival and give them hope for the future

Bryan’s passion for empowering kids has never left him and it was with great excitement that The New Crystal Hunters was born.

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