Trona Blow Hole Crystals

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Trona Blow Hole

Trona Blow Hole

On November 13th, Saturday, come to Zzyzx Gallery of Natural Science in Downtown
Los Angeles for a virtual recreation of the popular, but far away mineral dig,
the Trona Blow Hole!

Zzyzx Gallery will be dumping out over 50 gallons of unsearched crystals from
the blow hole dig. Everyone is invited to come into the gallery for free, pick
out a fair amount of crystals from the pile and receive an information sheet
about the minerals. 100% free.

Of course, while you are at the gallery you get to see all sorts of fine art
illustrating minerals, animals and all sorts of nature. In addition, our gem
carving exhibit will be on display and you’ll get to bring in any minerals you
have for free appraisal and identification.

Zzyzx Gallery of Natural Science, on the corner of 7th and main street in
downtown Los Angeles! Parking lots have specials for $5.00 daily parking and
you can visit us and enjoy the vibrant sections of downtown! If you haven’t
been downtown in a few years, the areas have really changed for the better. We
are home to Gallery Row, the Jewelry District, wonderful historic buildings, art
museums and the ultra inexpensive fashion district. Downtown Los Angeles is a
great place to spend a few idle hours any given Saturday!

The annual Trona California Gem Show features three digs, one of which is the Blow Hole dig. This is MY favorite dig! They have a truck that has a big tube that goes into the ground, they set off a charge and water and crystals spray everywhere! Well, this year the truck had tipped over. I filmed some footage of the fallen truck with my friend Christy to add to my video field guide series. Just some random raw footage from the 2008 dig.

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