Ant Hill-Bakersfield California field trip- Conejo Gem & Mineral Club, Tri-clubs, and CFMS

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Ant Hill California

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Ant Hill-Bakersfield Calif March 21st Sat. 10am
This will be a co-op field trip Conejo Gem & Mineral Club, Tri-clubs, and CFMS
Field trip: Our March field trip will be to the Ant Hill area, near Bakersfield California. Come out for a fun day of digging for shark teeth fossils,
the weather should be nice, cool. The dig site is a walk of 500 yards over semi flat ground, then up a hill 100 yards. Once there most of the time
you’ll be digging in small area. This time of the year there is always the chance of rain, bring the necessary clothing. If it is raining, we won’t be digging.
When: March 21st 2009, Saturday, 10am-3pm.
Directions: 5 Freeway North, to the 99 Hwy North, off at 178 Hwy East, near Bakersfield, go 8.3 miles to the Harrell Hwy, turn Left/North. 3.5
miles on the Harrell Hwy from the 178 Hwy. Site is on the Left/South side of Hwy, by the hills. My black Toyota truck will be there, with a CGMC
sign in the window We will be about 2.5 miles East of Hart Park. You should see a asphalt bike path going up the hill. Then you know your at
the right spot. Ant Hill is 136 miles from my house in Thousand Oaks, drive time 2 to 2.5 hours.
Tools: Rock pick/hammer, gad pry bar, hand sledge, sifter, large pry bar, shovel, pick, eye protection, newspaper to wrap your fossils in,
collecting bags, wide brimmed hat, suntan lotion, lots of water, lunch, There is no shade morning, afternoon, and it can be hot, but it will probably
be cool, so dress accordingly, layers. I would recommend a day pack, to put your tools in. It’s a bit of a walk and it will be easier carrying your gear.
Material to Collect: Shark teeth fossils, many types, sizes, from the Miocene Epoch 10-15 millions years ago. There are other fossils, bone
fragments, teeth to be found.  The fossils are found in a layer about 3′, you will see the exposed holes from previous digs. They are in a semi
soft clay that you will dig out the biggest pieces you can, then carefully break apart to find the fossils. I usually use a gad pry bar to dig out bigger
pieces of the clay, about golf ball to baseball size or so, If I see any sign of a shark tooth or fossil, I’ll wrap it into newspaper and later I will use
dental tools or dremel motor tool to remove the clay to reveal the tooth. I keep some of the teeth still in the matrix, it makes a nice display. The
main thing is patience when working with fossils.
Contact: Robert Sankovich 805-494-7734 home,   Mike Miller 805-498-9586
CFMS: Adam Dean 909-489-4899    Shep Koss 661-248-0411

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