Finds of the day- Burro Creek Pastelite, Purple Passion Agate & Banded barite

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Here are some assembled photos of my Burro Creek Pastelite and Purple
Passion Agate:

Burro Creek Pastelite:

Pastelite-with-Agate_burro_creekPastelite-with-Agate_burro_creek dtkasper/ album/5764607623 71076242

Burro Creek Purple Passion Agate (Arizona Blue Agate):

purple_passion_agate_burro_creekpurple_passion_agate_burro_creek dtkasper/ album/5764607623 71076832

Banded Barite:

banded_baritebanded_barite dtkasper/ album/5764607623 71075782

These are rough cut specimens at this point.


I found the Pastelite in the Bentonite, and the Purple Passion Agate
in Limestone. The Bentonite looks like specs of sticky rice covering
the Pastelite nodules, and the hard Limestone coats the agate plates
(and gets into them!). I have two photos of rough of each.

The Pastelite has a lot of variation, with some having intrusions of
agate and yellow jasper that makes those pieces particularly appealing
to me, so some of those photos are included.

I have included banded, brecciated, and solid pastelite photos.

All are rough cut specimen photos, that were wetted to get rid of the
glare from saw marks. In Photoshop I adjusted f-stop or changed the
contrast and brightness to try to match what the camera sees to the
real thing, but never changed the hue, or saturation of any color. To
reduce glare and color fading, the photos were taken on a bright day
in the shade as my camera under automatic mode picks up background
cues to set its f-stop. My camera tends to show purple as blue, or
even as brown. You can see the purple better around the fringes of
some specimen photos.

Stop by and see all of Don’s findings here on his Yahoo Photo page:

Thanks again Don!

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