gemologist richard hughes- lecture about jade (Stone of Heaven) mining and trading in asia

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

2 p.m.

“Jade: Stone of Heaven”

Lecture in the Auditorium of Pacific Asia Museum by gemologist Richard
, who has spent close to half his life in Asia, and has traveled
to scores of countries in search of precious stones.

Known to the Chinese as the “Stone of Heaven,” jade is one of
mankind’s most beguiling gemstones. While the term “jade” includes
both nephrite and jadeite, only jadeite occurs in the coveted
“imperial” type, and for this the world has but one source, Upper
Burma. It is these mines which are the subject of this program.
Fortune-seekers from all over Asia are drawn to the mines amidst a
heady atmosphere akin to the gold rush days of the old American West.
Entire families are obsessed with the search for the green stone. Some
have been turned into overnight millionaires by digging up a brown
boulder in their back yards.

For more than thirty years, these mines were closed off to the outside
world. In 1996, Richard Hughes was the first foreign gemologist
allowed in. He will offer a first-hand account of the mining and
trading of this fascinating gem.

Bring your boots, it’s liable to get muddy!

This lecture is presented in conjunction with the museum exhibition
Jade, Silk and Porcelain: The Materials of Asian Art. Both are free
w/admission, $7 general, $5 students/seniors, children 11 and younger
are free. Call 626-449-2742, ext. 31 to RSVP.

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