How To Make Amber

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Make your own amber fossil

Want your own piece of amber but don’t have the money to buy a sample? Here’s a way to make your own fake amber

You Will Need

A dead insect (look on window ledges or on spider webs)
Plastic pop bottle cap
clear nail polish
food colouring
tweezers or needle-nose pliers

What To Do

1. Place the pop bottle cap, empty side up on the newspaper.
2. Use the tweezers to drop the dead insect into the empty cap
3. Place several drops of yellow food colouring into the clear nail polish. Close the polish and shake to mix the colour. If you wish you can also add a drop of red food colouring to the polish to make a more amber colour
4. Drip the polish over the dead bug and put in a safe, out of the way place to dry.

This was submitted by a reader.  I have not tried this myself but please email me results if you try.



Quick Tip: Telling real Amber from Plastic forgeries…. One of the simplest non-destructive tests that you can do yourself is to clean and taste the specimen. Carefully washing with soap and water, then with just water, should leave a clean specimen ready for this test. Lick the specimen slowly several times, allowing the subtle taste to linger. It should be extremely subtle – real amber has almost no taste at all, leaving at most a very slight, tingly sensation. We think this “taste” may actually be just a touch sensation, not a true response of the taste buds. Most plastic or other polymer forgeries, on the other hand, carry a distinctly nasty taste that screams, “Imitation!” Don’t be fooled, remembering this simple taste test can save you considerable trouble in your adventures with amber.

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