Lowell Effect on Amethyst Author Needs Your Support

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I came across this rockhound on FaceBook (Jack Lowell). I do not know the whole story but people are showing their support by emailing Tempe City Council- . More info can be found on his facebook page:

I found out about this from Rodney Moore.

Rodney Moore 9:01am Dec 19

Hey everybody :
Jack is a friend of mine and he is pretty famous for having worked as a miner and managing the arizona four peaks mine. He is the one that is attributed as publishing and documenting “the lowell effect” on amethyst. Anyways, jack is about half-crazy ( but a good guy). I bet his back yard IS a mess. Anyways, it looks like the city is hassling the dude. Can you send off an email? Maybe share this with your friends. Here is what I (Rodney Moore) wrote : Hi, A friend of mine, Jack Lowell, has posted something on facebook about an issue the city has with Jack and some rocks in his backyard. It looks like this is going viral with word traveling thru the extended rockhounding community with many expressing concern if not even outrage. It would seem like the city would have bigger issues to worry about ( such as crime) than some rocks in a guys backyard. Please ponder this a bit. Thanks! Rodney Moore

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