Nittany Mineralogical Society annual gem & mineral show

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Mine Design will be exhibiting at the following club sponsored show.

June 30 through July 1, State College, PA

Nittany Gem & Mineral Show

Club-Retail Show – Free admission. The Nittany Mineralogical Society is
having its annual gem & mineral show on June 30th & July 1st. There will be
quality vendors, demonstrations, educational displays and jewelry making
classes. For more information, go to
< http://www.lodins. com/>

Location: Mt. Nittany Middle School, 656 Brandywine Drive, State College, PA

Hours: Sat. 10 AM to 6 PM & Sun. 11 AM to 5 PM

Promoter: Nittany Mineralogical Society

Featured Gems:

Golden Hessonite Garnets, Sri Lanka, matched Pair, 9.3 MM Rounds, 7.48 Cts.
TW, $85/Ct., Golden Orange Hessonite, Sri Lanka, Oval, 5.07 Cts., $75/Ct.,
Lavender Sapphire, Sri Lanka, Oval, 1.46 Cts., $600/Ct., Alexandrite, Copper
to Very Green color change, $2000/Ct, Red Spinels from Tanzania, 1.50 Cts.,
$1500/Ct., 2.46 Cts., $1500/Ct., both of these gems are custom cut, clean
and bright red. Cobalt Spinel from Sri Lanka, Oval, 1.38 Cts., $350/Ct.,
Pink/Red Sapphire, Sri Lanka, Oval, 1.71 Cts, 900/Ct, White Sapphire, Sri
Lanka, Cushion, 2.81 Cts., $250/Ct., Purple Sapphire, Sri Lanka, Oval, 2.56
Cts, $450/Ct, Pink/Orange Sapphire, Sri Lanka, Oval, 1.90 Cts, $1400/Ct,
Bright Blue Sapphire, Sri Lanka, Oval, 1.16 Cts, $600/Ct, CC Blue/Purple
Sapphire, Oval, 4.12 Cts., $2000/Ct., Reddish Orange Sunstone, Radiant
Octagon, 10.14 Cts., $250/Ct., Pink/Peach Tourmaline, Round, 8.38 Cts.,
$175/Ct., Bright Green Tourmaline, Round, 6.90 Cts., $180/Ct., Afghan Blue
Tourmaline, Oval, 2.24 Cts., $550/Ct., Paraiba Type Tourmaline from Nigeria,
Round, 3.72 Cts., $1200/Ct., Tri Color Tourmaline, 3.63 Cts., $160/Ct.,
Rubellite Tourmaline, Fancy Round, 3.14 Cts., $450/Ct., Rubellite
Tourmaline, Trillion, 11.22 Cts., $450/Ct., Peridot, Heart, 6.78 Cts.,
$200/Ct., Peridot, Oval, 5.91 Cts., $180/Ct., Imperial Topaz, PS, 2.98 Cts.,
$450/Ct., Imperial Topaz, Cushion, 27.50 Cts., $600/Ct., Morganite, Oval,
29.07 Cts., $125/Ct., Aquamarine, Round, 5.04 Cts., $225/Ct., Aquamarine,
Trillion, 5.67 Cts., $280/Ct., Aquamarine, EC, 5.87 Cts., $280/Ct., CC
Garnet, Round, 3.14 Cts., $225/Ct., Spessartite Garnet, Oval, 13.49 Cts.,
$600/Ct. And the list goes on and on, also there is a huge selection of
collector gems too. Custom cut large, faceted Orange Fire Opals from
Mexico, very stable, old stock.

Thank you,

Lance Kanaby and Mine Design

Importers & Cutters of Fine Colored Gemstones

www.gemdata. com

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