Paleontology and Geology of Missouri / Mississippian Fossils of Missouri

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I posted about Barry Sutton below but wanted to list all of his educational sites. Here they are…


This site is a Paleontological research project based in
St. Louis, Missouri, devoted to the study of the geological
formations in Missouri. Primary focus is the study of the
geological formations in the St. Louis area.

This link takes you to a discussion by Dr. Norman R. King, Professor of
Geology at the University of Southern Indiana, about the rocks exposed
at the I-170 highway cut. Dr. King describes the rock units and correlates
them with rock units elsewhere in the Midcontinent region. He interprets
their environments of deposition, and also places them in the context of
larger-scale geological processes taking place in the Midcontinent region
and around the globe during the Pennsylvanian Period.

Mississippian Fossils of Missouri
Primary focus on the St. Louis, Missouri area


Fossil Menu

Burlington Formation

Fern Glen Formation

Ridenhower Formation
often incorrectly referred to
as the Paint Creek Formation

Salem Formation

St. Louis Formation

Warsaw Formation

Other Fossils (USA and World Wide)


Have fun, Gary.

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