Quartzsite show notes, pictures -mushroom Rhyolite, Tiffany Stone, True Blue Lapis etc

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Blue_Lapis_california True Blue Lapis from California

“Ok, here it is, as requested, tons of photos I took during this past saturday the 27th. According to every vendor I ask, it was a disappointing show. i guess it because the Tucson show overlapped the Pow wow show. So it must of stunted the real crowds at Quartzsite this year.”

crazy_lace Our first stop, a giant pile of crazy lace for $4 per pound. Did we buy any? Yes, but at the end of the day from another vendor who had the same stuff at $3 per pound. Prices were dropping fast if you were willing to spend a little extra cash. Or took the time to look around for the better deals.

mushroom_Rhyolite Mushroom Rhyolite – This stone is a metamorphosed Rhyolite

**I am getting ahold of the people that own this claim, story on them and mushroom rhyolite to follow-

tiffany_stone 100pounders of Tiffany Stone!

Rainforest_Rhyolite Rainforest_Rhyolite

Amethyst_Cathedrals If you want Amethyst Cathedrals, Quartzsite had lots, Tucson will have more.

Please read full article at Shain’s site, details below-
Many thanks to Shain for the use of the article, his info and site below, check it out!!
Shain Mayer

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