Rockhound VIDEO! Coon Hollow Camp Ground & Bradshaw trail-Roosevelt mine & Limonite Cubes

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This is Coon Hollow camp ground and a short trip to a couple of mines, one had a road that was really rough as you will see. Just off Wiley’s Well Road, see the video taking you on the road to all the mines.

Run report for the Rock Hound pre-run 9-22-06 thru 9-25-06 From Dick-
Ron and I arrived early the morning of the 23rd around 12:30 am. We were met by Dave. He helped us set up camp and told us of his story about getting lost on Thursday night and then about the bees swarming around there camp on Friday the 22nd,I thought the bee thing was just a one time occurrence, but no the next morning as soon as the sun came up the bees were back, so we checked the camp grounds other sites and found them to be also infested with bees. So I drove down to Coon Hollow to check it out and found no bees, so we all packed up and moved.
Around 11:30 we headed out for the McCoy Mountains, we found the trail in with out much trouble and also found the Limonite cube collecting area without much trouble; we spent about an hour or so picking up the little cubes of Limonite. Then on back to camp and dinner and a nice campfire. The next day, Sunday, Dave and his family backed up the gear then we all headed out for the Palen Mts. in search of Quartz Crystals, we found the road to the Iron Queen Mine it was washed out a short distance from the mine so we started looking around and Dave found a really nice Crystal with a bunch of green stuff inside of it, I found a small clear crystal, and Rachel also found a small crystal. We then went in search of another mine but did not find it, by then it was time for Dave and his family to head back to San Diego and Ron and I went back to camp. We had lunch then went off to find a couple more mines; one was the Roosevelt mine which was no trouble to find, it was or is a gold mine, then we tried to get to this other mine we could see from the Bradshaw trail, we got within a quarter mile before the road washed out and we had to back down this really steep, badly rutted, trail.
This was a good trip, and now we know where to find the Limonite Cubes and Quartz Crystals for the November trip. The short movie is of the Coon Hollow Camp Ground and the road in as well as the Bradshaw trail and the steep road up to the one mine, photos of the trip that I took are at-
Three topo maps used roosevelt mine/limonite cubes/crystals

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