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Was started in December 2003 by Jessica Chekal and her mother, Sherri Chekal. Jessy now maintains the site herself, since she’s learning how to use web designing software in her studies.
Jessy is a homeschooled kid who began a normal unit study in rocks and minerals in her Earth Science class and just really got bit badly with the rockhounding bug.
She went to a Rock and Mineral show with her family and was given $10 to buy a few specimens. By the time she had left the show, she was hooked.
After some searching on the web and through shops, stores and such, she began to realize that there were not very many kits/collections of rocks and minerals available for good prices and with good sized specimens. So, she began to investigate wholesale sources and started her rock company, called Dragon Mountain Treasures, because she also adores the whole fantasy epic of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.
At first she only had one kit, but now she offers several different collections including:
A Homeschool Study Kit
- 15 specimens and guide phamplet to the 3 major forms of rocks and minerals and organic materials (coal, fossils, amber)
A Student Kit – 25 specimens with booklet, checklist and a bag of mystery mix to sort.
A Deluxe Kit
- 40 specimens with booklet, checklist and a bag of mystery mix to sort with a geode to open.
A Fossil Kit
- 10 specimens with booklet.
A Crystal Kit
- 10 specimens with phamlet.
A Smoky Mountain Kit
- 10 specimens with phamplet
geodes, one pound groups of tumbled and rough stones.
She has a unit study kit that she is currently working on that combines twelve different rocks and minerals of the Bible in a history, science and religious study for kids, coming soon and hopes to develop other collections as well.
She also runs a (almost) monthly newsletter for kids on her website and it’s got almost 300 subscribers so far and it’s only a few months old. She writes most of the articles in her newsletter and welcomes submissions from other kids that LOVE rocks and geology.
She enjoys rockhounding with her family, from a vacation to Mammoth Caves, to frequenting the Cranbrook Institute of Science and their very extensive mineral collection, to digging fossils at the Fossil Park in Slyvania, Ohio. She hopes to be able to visit more geology sites such as the famous Herkimer, New York crystal digs to the Craters of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas.
She’s graduating from her home school studies in 2008 and hoping to go on to college in some sort of geology studies. She’s considering either the University of Kentucky or perhaps Michigan Tech, or University of Michigan, however, it’s obvious that this young lady has the determination to pursue her love of geology as a life long passion.

Her collections are sold on

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