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Just a hello to a fellow rockhounder in Southern California.  He seems to be very busy with all his rockhound activities but enjoying it none the less.  I found his blog while checking where my traffic was coming from (backlinks).  Thought I would give his blog some exposure since he is sending visitors my way.

A blurb from his blog…

I’ve also been busy with the three local rockhounding clubs thus far this year (Santa Lucia Rockhounds, SLO Gem & Mineral Club, and the Orcutt Mineral Society). of which I’m a member of each and a vice president in the former two.

Central Coast Rockhounding

My Central Coast Rockhounds Yahoo Group is thriving of late with lots of great content provided by a core group of contributors including your’s truly.

This activity seems to be a reflection of the renewed interest in the rockhounding hobby in Central California this year.

I have not made it out to rockhound this year which amazes and distresses me given this has been an El Nino rainy season with lots of runoff and wave action to promote erosion, a rockhound’s greatest friend.

I hope next week to get out and get after it so we’ll see.

There are many options: Ant Hill in Bakersfield, Templeton biconoids, Highway 46 West Summit biconoids, San Simeon State Beach, Villa Creek, Shell Creek fossils, Toro Creek/Hole-in-the Fence Beach, Montano de Oro State Beach, Cuesta Ridge, Salinas River, Adelaida-area mercury mines, Gaviota Coast, etcetera.

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