spring rockhound run-Black Agate Thunder Egg mine, Pebble Terrace, Opal Hill mine and Black Hills geode beds

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Here is my next planned trip;

Run Announcement


fire_opal fire opal fire_agatefire_agate_2  fire agate

Spring Rock Hound Run 4-13-07 thru 4-17-07, camping at Coon Hollow Camp Ground in the Mule Mts. We will be going to the Black Agate Thunder Egg mine as well as some other good spots like Pebble Terrace and the Opal Hill mine, possibly the Black Hills geode beds as well. . We also plan to do some wheelin at the Ehrenburg Sand Bowel .

Coon Hollow camp ground is on Wileys Well Rd. west of Blythe, Ca. about 10 miles, and approx. 13 miles south of Interstate 10. The camp ground is a dry camp with hand pump water (non potable) and fault toilets, it is suitable for Motor Homes as well as tent camping, the camp ground is along side a large wash with trees and shade Ramada’s. There are fire rings and tables, there are many photos of the area at

Bring your Potato guns for the first annual Shoot Off.

This run is suitable for stock rigs as well as modified rigs; you can all have a good time. Most of the trails are desert Trails with a low 1 to a 2 rating, some are just high clearance 2 wheel drive trails, although I do know of a couple of trails (that I have been on) that would be rated a 4+. You should have all the normal required equipment. This time of year the weather is usually warm high 80’s to 90’s. The days are long 13 hours of day light, so more time to explore. There will be limited moon light this time of that month, we have camp fires every night and there is plenty of fire wood to pick up on the desert, so no need to bring any! Communication will be CB radio as well as Ham radio 2 meter. You can email me for more info

Dick, ka7ayt

Thanks Dick, sounds like fun, wish I was going! Find some fire agates and fire opal for me :)

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