Test For Gold In Pyrite

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In a nugget patch I’ve been working there is vein of green stone(chorite shist). It really sounds off my metal detector. I think it is loaded with pryrite. Is there a simple test for gold I can do? Also around this vein is decomposed bedrock that has a lot of black sand, not much gold. Could this sand contain gold that isn’t
visible to the eye? Any suggestions?


For iron pyrite (sulfide), here’s the test:

(In a ventilated area… using a small sample)

Crush and roast the sample at high heat.

When iron sulfide is roasted, the sulfur vaporizes and results in iron.

The iron will pick up with a magnet.

Check this website out for a full answer:

“The reason most prospectors know a lot about the appearance and habits of iron pyrite is twofold:
1) To keep from being fooled.
2) Because of the known association between pyrite and gold. Pyrite is found in, or asociated with,
more than 70% of the world’s gold deposits.”

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