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Minnesota’s state gemstone

MMC members successfully lobbied the state legislature to have the Lake Superior Agate named as the state gemstone.  This is just one aspect of the club’s affair with Lakers.  In 1988, the club hosted the “Night of the Lake Superior Agate” where members and guests could actually see some of the more famous Lakers and hear from agate author, club member Scott Wolters.  In 1995, Night of the Agates II again brought many local agate lovers together for an all agate exhibit and presentation.  Night of the Agate III is tentatively planned for 2007 or 2008, as a prelude to “A World of Agates” scheduled for 2012.

Club member Mike Carlson created the coffee table book “Beautiful Agates” with photos by fellow club members Pete Rodewald and Dennis Westman and lapidary work by several club members. Pete and Mike, along with member Larry Costigan and his son Brian were invited to participate in the international Agate Show held in Munich Germany in October 2005.

A club hello to the Minnesota Mineral Club, check out their site :)
ALso Oct 20/21st they are having a Great Lakes/ Great Rocks show, click on the link for full rock show info-

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