Green Horn Rockhound trip possted by “lew” – thanks Lew!

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It was 5:00 A.M. when I woke up and made a pot of coffee, did my
usual things and headed to the shop around 6. When I arrived there
were several eagar hounders waiting there .Other hounders moised in
here and there until 7:00 A.M. Shep made it and we all (21of us)
jumped into the truck and we headed to Cindy’s for a harty
breakfeast.By quarter to eight we all were full and on our way for
some beautiful garnet epidote and rose quarts. We were a little
late. By 9:15 we all gathered at the sand house at Green Horn. There
were Rangers and cars every where.

I chatted with a ranger only to
find out that it was opening season for deer and bear. All in all
there were about 30 care and a total of about 60 hounders.We all
sined the letter of release and split the groupsin to where Greg led
a group to the Rose quartz and Shep to the Toungston tailings. What
a trip that was . When we hit the road to the toungston mine it
branched off into two dirt roads. One very steep and the othet a
small incline with a small berm to drive over. Shep loaded into a
4×4 and went to the toungston mine to set things up. Itook my f-150
and took the berm Dust and gravel were spewing every where .I hit
the berm with great force only to find out thatthere was nothing on
the other side and BAm high centered, we hooked a rope to the back
end and dragged me off the huge log. well If a F-150 won’t male it
mabe a F-250 will. Again dust flying every where and off Tm
went.Well the only difference between a F-150 and a F-250 is they
get stuck twice as hard . we broke 2 tow roaps trying to free the F-
250 . Finally we jacked the front end up and down it rolled. 1 1/2
hours later and everybody hitching a ride in a 4×4 we headed to the
toungston mine. YOU WILL NEED A HIGH LIFTED 4×4 too get there. When
e=we arriver Shep showed us what he found and what to look for. I
shimmied my butt up the tailings and started to dig when all of a
sudden klank a large rock was in the way . After prying and digging
it finally broke free to reveal a large rock with gatnet through the
center. I filled my 5 gallon bucket rather quickly with nice epidote
a crystal with epidote and 3 nice garnet pieces. Looking around Rose
had some nice epidote as well as Donna.We were up there about 3
hours when it was time to switch with the other 1/2 og the group.
Every body was happy and content when we left.We all met at the
Sand house and after a brief discussion we switched with the other
group. As we were headed to the rose quartz we had a bunch of
vehicles ahead of us driving the roads looking for deer. These roads
go from pave ment to dirt to pavement and again to dirt. They are
real narrow that in some places it was difficult when vehicles met.
One place I and another truck our mirrers hit. I am new to the
G.P.S. world and Shep had one . We were gided by the G.P.S. . One
thing to remember is to not use it as a compass the arrow goes from
one direction to another depending on which directione you are
facing as you head to your destination. We turned around 3 times in
several deer camps trying to find out where we were. The deer
hunters probibly thought that we were hunting activiste chasing the
deer away .We finally made it to the rose quartz destination. We
grabed our chisels,hammers and buckets and headed on our mary way.
The trail was steep gouing down about 100 yards. There it was a
sheer cliff of beautiful rose quartz in various colors from a
mulberry purple pink to a vibrent pink. Due to my ancle and up
comming surgery the 29 th I stayed up on top pecking on a huge
boulder with clear pink (that stars) . Where I was you could feel
the tremmers of other people hammering away underneith you. That
must be a huge out cropping.One lady from the SanDiego Club sliced
her hand quite seriously and left early. A reminder Quartz is sharp
and will cut you.Every body was content with their tinty pieces to
their large spheer material pieces.Time to go . 100 steps and a
break to catch your breath at 8000 feet. Another 100 steeps and
another break. Ray had several big pieces for XC.j. , he would bring
them about 100 steps and then return for his bucket and do it again.
bev had her hands full with her bucket of material. A young man
yelled out and said”Hey Lew look at this and had a nice piece of
mulberry color about 25 pounds.With a huge smile on his face said
here is my bucket full.I want to thank the Searchers, The San Diego
club , The Ucypa Club, The Sierra Paloma Club,The Lancaster Club the
9 people who joind us for their 1st time houndind and the San
Joaquin Club to make this all possible. We heade our about 5:30 . As
we hit the pave ment we were stopped by a Ranger. She asked if we
were deer hunters or rock hunters. We stated we wer rock hunters.
She then asked about our permits and searced our truck. She picked a
beautiful piece og rasberry pink quartz brought it to the cab ans
said how beautiful it was.Boy hopw I would like to be a ranger and
say what a nice deer or bear you got and end up with a nice roast or
chop. We gave her that piece of quartz, told her that we have 9
other vehicles behind us thet they were rock hounds and we radeoed
the last truck to wave at her when they passed her. I informed her
of rthe hand wavind and she stated will it be a 1 finger or 5 finger
wave. We laughed and headed our Mary way. This was such a wounderful
trip with the cooperation of all the clubs and people.The San
Joaquin Valley Lapidary Society and Co-op next field trip will be to
Torona show .October 14th or 15th. For further info on this trip
please contact either Shep or I . Again Thanks all.Lew

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