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Here’s a couple of pictures of my kids at the Hiddenite gem mine. The first one is of my son Jonah age 6 and my son Caleb age 3 at the riverbed searching for stones. I think Jonah has two tourmalines over his eyes. He’s a bit nutty. The second shot is of Caleb at the sluice brushing the mud through the screen looking for stones. They always have fun when we go. We go two-three times a year.
kidsboy screen(I fixed the pictures, just click on them now to view full size!)

Here are some pictures of the Foggy Mountain Gem mine in Boone, NC. Boone is home to Appalachain State University and was actually settled by Daniel Boone many many years ago. The third shot is of the sign at the Foggy Mountain gem mine. The fourth shot is of amethyst….so beautiful!!!! And it happens to be the birthstone of both of my sons.


And 3 more pics…


Good morning!You’re really going to laugh – but I’m just an amateur rock hound with two little boys who love to go gem mining. The only true mining we’ve done is in Hiddenite, NC. Do a google search of Hiddenite – pretty awesome story. Its the only place you can find this precious gem. They have a sluice or you can go to the river and search for gems/stones in the river. Its tons of fun and not expensive at all.Mostly I take my kids to *touristy* gem mines…..silly I know. But its educational and my 6 year old is becoming quite good at recognizing gems in their natural state. We enjoy going to the Foggy Mountain Gem mine in Boone, NC and the Foscoe Gem mine in Foscoe, NC.

Thanks for your interest in my photos.

Take care,

THanks Wendi, this story is exactley what I want to post on here, pictures of rockhounds having fun and finding great stuff!! Come on people, submit your pics, stories and places to rockhound in your area. Just email me and I will post what you send :)

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