Agate slab picture and story(baby)- Abbottsford Mineral Show- lapidary supply

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This is from a reader who submitted his fav specimen and a little story about it. Enjoy!


Wow, favourite? Next to impossible. My favourite mineral is Epidote, followed by Crocoite and Stibnite. But my one favourite specimen would have to be “Baby”: .

A friend of mine is a mineral dealer and went to Tuscon earlier in the year. He brought back, let’s say “a large amount of minerals”. One of the show stoppers was this Agate, which he had sitting on his kitchen table. After spending hundreds of dollars (at “good” prices) I left.

Next time I went up, I asked him what he was going to do with it. He wasn’t going to sell it, but use it as a centre piece at his table for the shows. Many pieces he has (nice ones) he will not sell unless he knows they are going to a good home and will be looked after (ie; not chopped up, sliced or broken). So I asked him if he would sell it to me rather than to a stranger.

He agreed under one condition. It would be his centre piece for the Abbottsford Mineral Show (have you been?). I said yes (so did my wife). The show started on Friday, I went on Saturday afternoon. I walk around the show, talked to friends and of course, spent money. I saved his booth for last, knowing that I would end up talking to him and his wife for awhile. When I got to the booth, he informed me that there was great interest in the Agate. That some people were offering upwards of $1000 if he would sell it (he would tell them it was sold). After hearing this, I got a little concerned. I knew if he sold it, he would make a profit and I would get a few hundred myself. But I wanted the mineral, so I told him I was taking it now.

Here’s the funny part. When I was ready to leave, I had a backpack full of minerals. I picked up “Baby” and literally carried it like one (cradled). Walking through the show, everybody cleared out of the way and stared. One of my friends laughed and said “you’re the one that bought that?”. The people that offered huge amounts, were still there and I’m sure they pouted for quite awhile.

Ciao, Craig.

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