Amethyst and other precious gem stones – Lisa Morgan

Filed under: Sent in Flickr photos — Gary September 27, 2006 @ 1:46 am

AmethystI am always open to new and interesting things and this is definitely new for me. I was checking out lapidary pictures when I came across Lisa Morgan. She is an artist that does digital drawings of minerals and I asked her a bit about what she does and she said I could post her drawings on here. Check out these creative drawings…And thanks Lisa for sharing!

i’ve had a passion for gems since I was a little girl and felt attracted to stones ever since. I have a small collection and drew the ones i couldn’t afford and wrote small explanations on each in english to describe their physical particularities (sapphires aqua marines diamonds opals…) Most of my drawing are also for sale just in case some body would like one…)

Thank you very much for paying attention and your nice word :) .


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