Druze and Drusy

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Rockhound Terms

Drusy (sometimes referred to as: druse, druzy) is a layer of tiny quartz crystals that form on a host stone (A gemstone with natural surface textured similar to fine sugar crystals.). The cavity inside a geode is sometimes filled with drusy quartz crystals. Although the quartz crystals may be the source of the color (amethyst, citrine), usually it is the host stone’s color (chrysocolla, uvarovite garnet) that shows through the quartz and gives the stone its color. (pronounced: dru-zee).  Drusy is created by the phenomena of micro-crystalline facets forming on a gem and the surrounding rock, they were formed naturally millions of years ago.

Druze is a layer of crystals that form within a mineral crust, like the inner cavity of a geode. Amethyst crystals are often found in a druze. The inner cavity of agate geodes are often lined with a druze of sparkling quartz crystals.

Lets call the whole thing off?  :)

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