Make Your Own Crystals

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DIY crystals!  Very cool.  Nice science project to try with the kids.  These instructions will show you how to make home made crystals using everyday ingredients.

  • 1 brick
  • 4 tbsp. table salt- no iodine
  • 1 tbsp. ammonia
  • 1 plate or bowl
  • 4 tbsp. water food colouring – Any colour your heart feels like!
  • 4 tbsp. bluing
  1. Break brick into chunks and place in bowl or on plate.
  2. Mix salt, bluing, water, ammonia and pour over brick pieces.
  3. Drop food colouring on brick pieces with no uniformity.
  4. Let sit for several days.

***Crystals are very fragile!!!

*** Should only be done under parent supervision!





Very cute video below:

This is a science project done by a young lady in Girl Scouts. It uses Epsom salt, pipe cleaner, pen, tap water and a cup. She explains what she did…

How to make copper sulfate crystals:

How to make copper sulfate crystals

How to make copper sulfate crystals

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